About Us

So, why Purple Stamps?

PURPLE is the blend of the traditional gender-identified colors: pink and blue. The color purple is significant to the LGBTQ community as it subverts, blurs the lines, and challenges the gender norms.

While STAMPS, are essential to traveling. It is a proof that you’ve departed or entered from a certain border or country.

Purple Stamps equates to a travel journal. Coming from a very conservative Asian country, they created this blog to share their adventures, and mishaps as a traveling LGBT couple. They also want to deconstruct the perception of Asian people that traveling is a luxurious lifestyle.

Purple Stamp #1: Clare

Tokyo, Japan

Clare del Rosario is a film and television producer by profession.

She enjoys the hustle and bustle of a city, going to art fairs and museums, and talking to a lot of people. She’s in love with cats, dark chocolates and her passport more than anything else in the world.

Her goal is to be fluent in Spanish. wishes to have her own cool, budget-friendly hostel back in her hometown to give back to the universe by helping other travelers to travel cheaply too.

She believes that she is not just traveling. Instead, it is the way she lives.


Purple Stamp #2: Awie

Chinatown Heritage Centre, Singapore

Awie Cardenas is a video editor who hails from the northern side of Metro Manila. Her family usually visits their hometown so she grew up admiring the sea. She prefers sunrise over sunsets and she loves taking snapshots of anything peculiar around her, varying from nature to people doing unusual things.

One of her ways to share her passion for traveling is when she teaches foreign travelers the do’s and don’ts of living and interacting with the locals in Metro Manila.

She wants to prove that being a middle class citizen and having a third world passport is not a hindrance in traveling the world.

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